Community Involvement

It is our social responsibility to support local, non-profit community organizations by providing financial and material contributions, in-kind services, and volunteer support. In adhering to our organizational mission, we strengthen our bond with external communities as well as our collective nursing and healthcare stakeholders.

Our policy ensures that all donations, sponsorships, volunteer activities, and in-kind services are coordinated and aligned with our organizational and social responsibility goals, maximize opportunity for organizational visibility, foster long-term institutional relationships, and are within our budget and resource limitations.

All incoming and outgoing requests for charitable contributions/sponsorships, in-kind services or support, and/or volunteer support will be coordinated and administered by the Communications Officer with the approval of the NBNU Board of Directors.

The Communications Officer will then coordinate communications with agencies/non-profits organizations and individuals regarding all requests as well as any follow-up documentation, and/or collateral activities such as ads, tickets, invitations, banners, etc.

All requests for financial support require approval from the Board of the Directors or a designated officer of the Board. At the Board of Directors’ discretion, NBNU may choose to decline or support financial requests.

See below for some of the non-profits and organizations we have supported in the past.

Submit a request for sponsorship. [email protected]