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How do I update my personal information?

This includes any address change or change of name.

If you have an email address and would like to receive our monthly e-newsletter, please contact us as well to make sure we have the correct address.

If you are having any issues, contact us at  [email protected] or call 1-800-442-4914.

If I work and pay dues in more than one establishment, am I entitled to a dues reimbursement?

NBNU shall reimburse an amount equivalent to the monthly union dues minus the local rebate to any nurse who pays monthly union dues to two or more separate employers for the same month. NBNU will calculate the refund based on dues collected in the previous calendar year and will provide automatic payment to members by March 31 of the following year.

What is the difference between the New Brunswick Nurses Union (NBNU) and the Nurses Association of New Brunswick (NANB)?

NANB and NBNU operate independently and have distinct responsibilities. Both groups, however, function with a similar structure:

  • Each has a governing body to set policy.
  • Each has office staff and committees made up of members to carry out the direction of the governing body.
  • In both cases, the members themselves control the direction of the bodies by electing members to a board of directors.

The role of NANB is to:

  • act as the licensing body for practicing nurses as mandated by the Nurses Act (1984) which outlines the areas for which the Association is responsible;
  • ensure that professional standards are met through a registration and renewal process and a complaints and discipline process;
  • set standards for and approve schools of nursing;
  • promote professional ethics;
  • develop, establish, maintain and administer standards for its members in nursing practice education and continuing nursing education; and
  • advocate for the welfare of the public and the profession.

The role of NBNU is to:

  • advance, as a labour organization, the economic, social and general welfare of current and future members;
  • negotiate the best collective agreements achievable between nurses and the employer, as well as enforcing the agreement;
  • achieving appropriate working conditions and promote high professional standards of practice so that nurses can provide the best attainable patient care;
  • represent nurses, providing education and influencing legislation; and
  • work, as needed, with NANB on various projects which further the position of nurses as a whole.

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How do I apply for the Retention Premium (Senior Nurse Pay)?

  1. As per Article 28.01 (c) in the Part III or Nurse Managers and Nurse Supervisors collective agreements and Article 25.01 (a) in the Nursing Home collective agreement. “The Employer shall provide to employees in the bargaining unit(s) who present confirmation of twenty-five (25) full years of active registration as a Registered Nurse, an adjustment of three percent (3%) on the employee’s regular rate of pay”
  2. Nurses must apply for the Retention Premium, it is not an automatic increase as the language reads “who present confirmation…”
  3. It is important to recognize that the member bears the onus to apply. If you apply after your 25th anniversary date, there is no retroactive pay.
  4. Qualification & Eligibility for the Retention Premium:
  • 25 full years of active registration as a Registered Nurse.
  • Provide proof of 25 full years of active registration, along with the completed application form to the Employer.
  • Active registration is cumulative and does not need to be continuous. If you left the profession and returned, all registered years count.
  • Eligibility does not depend on years of service or seniority. The place of employment does not matter as long as the nurse was registered with a recognized governing body.
  • Years worked outside of New Brunswick can count as long as the nurse was registered with a nursing association, college or authority recognized by NANB.

5. Documentation required:

  • If you have 25 years in one facility, and the facility accepts this fact then you do not need any supporting documentation.
    • If you worked in more than one facility during your 25 years, you must provide proof to your current employer to be eligible for the Retention Premium. You can request a Confirmation of Registration from NANB by contacting:
      Nurses Association of New Brunswick
      165 Regent Street
      Fredericton, NB
      E3B 7B4
      Phone: (506) 458-8731 or 1-800-442-4417
  • Acceptable out of province documents (as long as the nursing association, college or authority is recognized by NANB):
  • letter from association or college verifying registration,
  • letter from employer indicating years worked,
  • copy of registration cards, or T-4 slips.

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