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Why a Union?

By joining together in a union, working women and men bring strength to relationships with their employers. Without a union, individual employees must accept pay, benefits and working conditions that an employer offers. Any term of your employment will be at the sole discretion of your employer. You may be paid less or have fewer benefits than someone in the exact same position as you. This is not the case when you are a part of a union.

It is because of unions that workers’ basic rights are met. Without unions, there would be no such thing as overtime pay, sick leave, or mandated safe working conditions.

A union will act on your behalf if you feel you are being treated unfairly. Your working conditions, benefits, and wages that are negotiated into your Collective Agreement will be protected by law, and your union will see to it that these conditions are enforced.

It is important to remember that a union is not made up of provincial office staff or the Board of Directors. A union is you and your co-workers. Union staff assists in day-to-day operations of the union, negotiations, filing of grievances and ensuring the needs of our members are met.

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