The Bandage Solutions

Our Campaign

Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners in New Brunswick are overworked, underpaid and face understaffing challenges as well as workplace violence. As a result, we are losing professionals to other provinces and patient care is suffering.

Knowing this, we knew we needed a marketing campaign that would rally public support behind Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners and get government to the table to negotiate a deal that really supports our membership and New Brunswick health care.

No More Bandages

To bring home the reality New Brunswick is facing, our campaign focuses on sharing hard-hitting facts that illustrate what is really happening with nurses and with the province’s health care. The creative concept of the campaign hinges on the idea that the bandage solutions offered by government are not enough and that it is time to step up and support nurses with a fair deal.

Other Public Relations Activities

To complement this campaign, we are also leveraging the fact that 2020 coincides with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Year of the Nurse and Midwife.

We saw this as an opportunity to celebrate our membership, especially since the pandemic heightened public awareness of how Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners step up when called upon, caring for New Brunswickers every day.

To do so, we will be featuring nurses from across the province on our social media channels. You will see our members wearing “Nurses Step Up” T-shirts. We will also be sharing a commercial that depicts the reality of working in a profession that is experiencing a severe shortage during an unprecedented time, when the national demand for Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners is at a record high.

We Need Real Solutions

The focus of this campaign is to highlight the challenges being faced by New Brunswick’s Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners and emphasize that real solutions are needed to address these issues. Government has not been doing enough, and it is time to step up to give nurses a fair deal and address the critical situation New Brunswick’s healthcare system is facing. As this campaign continues, we encourage you to share your stories as well as the assets we are producing for this campaign to increase its visibility.