On your worst day and your best: NBNU shows why nursing is a calling in their new campaign

June 15, 2023

Fredericton – New Brunswick Nurses Union (NBNU) is rolling out a campaign with a clear message: nursing in New Brunswick is still a calling that resonates with many of their members.

“This campaign comes at an important moment for our profession,” says Paula Doucet, NBNU President. “The membership is struggling to heal – post-COVID, difficult and stressful working conditions, and after years of critical nursing shortages across the province. They’ve told us they want to take a step back and truly reflect on their why; why they became a Nurse.”

NBNU members across the province stepped up to participate in the campaign and tell their own unique stories.

“In sharing the stories of our profession, we are reaching out to each other ­– but also to nurses in other jurisdictions interested in moving here, and to students interested in enrolling in nurse programs,” says Doucet. “Together we can, and will, play a critical role in stabilizing our healthcare system.”

The campaign is built to help retain the nurses we have, asking New Brunswickers to participate by celebrating the nurses who have touched their lives. It is also built to support retention initiatives, and to inspire a future generation of young people to choose healthcare as a career path. A focus on all three will position our province to be competitive in the goal to attract more nursing talent.

“We understand the very real and dire situation that nurses are in,” continues Doucet. “Despite having a long way to go to get our healthcare system to a sustainable place, the membership is telling us that nursing is still a calling to them. They are still finding meaning in their day-to-day, and they know their work still matters. This epitomizes the inherent empathy, dedication, and perseverance of nurses—likely some of the characteristics that enticed them to the profession in the first place.”

To learn more about the Still Calling campaign, visit the campaign website: https://www.stillcalling.ca


Jane Matthews-Clark
[email protected]

About the NBNU
The New Brunswick Nurses Union (NBNU) is a labour organization representing approximately 8,500 Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and hospital and public health sector Licensed Practical Nurses who are employed in a wide variety of healthcare roles throughout the province of New Brunswick. NBNU is dedicated to upholding and promoting the economic, social, and professional interests of its members. https://nbnu.ca