NBNU’s stance on “freedom” convoys in N.B. and across Canada

Beginning today and continuing over the weekend, a protest convoy inspired by the one currently taking place in Ottawa is slated to take place in Downtown Fredericton. 

As a union, NBNU supports the right to protest. Our members have participated lawfully and respectfully in many picket lines during times of labour unrest and strikes.  

While we support the right to protest peacefully and lawfully, we also support the right to express our opinions. The protestors in Ottawa have called themselves many names, but most knowingly, the “Freedom Convoy.”  

It is the opinion of NBNU, along with the CFNU and many other labour organizations across the province and country, that these people are not fighting for our freedoms.  

The essential frontline workers are the ones fighting for our freedoms. Every day, they go to work to help their fellow New Brunswickers. They are the ones who risk their health doing their jobs by taking care of the sick, helping people get vaccinated, helping people access important services and keeping our schools, hospitals, grocery stores and other essential services clean, stocked and operational.  

They are the ones fighting to try and bring an end to the pandemic through their actions that embody the spirit of community and caring. 

NBNU is proud to count our 8900 members as part of the citizens truly fighting for their fellow New Brunswickers and Canadians. Nurses are working tirelessly to ensure that patients, clients and residents can receive the best care they are able to provide.  

Nurses and other essential frontline workers are the overwhelming majority that will continue to do the real work that matters in supporting New Brunswickers through these hard times.