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As we combat COVID-19, new evidence and information emerges almost daily, now more than ever, it is important to take time for yourself to decompress and practice self care.

This page was created by NBNU to provide nurses suggested ways to take a break from the rigors of the job during this time of heightened stress, workload, and anxiety. It has been updated to include pertinent links and valuable information about mental health resources.

If you have suggestions for topics or information that could be added to this page to improve nurses experience, please email them to info@nbnu.ca. 

This page was last updated: May 24, 2022

Tips for Dealing with Anxiety

 your self care routine

Avoid excessive consumption of the media

Focus on things you can control, like handwashing and social distancing

Talk to friends and family on calls and texts

Eat well, stay hydrated and get enough sleep

Practice meditation

Distract yourself with games, books and movies

Notice your feelings and write them down

Exercise to get out of your head

Keep busy doing things you enjoy, like music, crafts, or learning

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Nurses - one of the few blessings of being ill.

Sara Moss-Wolfe

Nurses are the heart of healthcare.

Donna Wilk Cardill

Self-compassion is simply giving the same kindness to ourselves that we would give to others.

Christopher Germer