Launch of Report “What Licensed Practical Nurses Answered When Asked: ‘Please Help Us!’”

September 1st, 2022 (FREDERICTON, NB) – NBNU’s latest report “What Licensed Practical Nurses Answered When Asked: ‘Please Help Us!’” has been released today, September 1st, 2022. The report was written by Cathy Rogers, PhD, the Research and Education Officer at NBNU, and is based on the results of the 2022 LPN survey NBNU issued earlier this year. The purpose of the survey was to hear directly from the voices of LPNs on the broad question of how they are doing, just like what was done for RNs and NPs earlier (and reported in “We Are Not OK!”).

“In Spring of 2021, NBNU conducted a survey with Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioner members to see how they were faring, and in February of 2022, a report based on those findings was published. Once the Nurses, Part III bargaining unit LPNs were designated to NBNU in October of 2021, we felt it was only fair to check in with our newest members as well on how their well-being is affected at work,” says Paula Doucet, NBNU President.

“The nurse shortage is at an all-time high right now; LPNs and all nurses are continually being asked to do more with less. Nurses are experiencing trauma caused by high stress levels in trying to meet work demands and working in deteriorating conditions. Like RNs and NPs, LPNs have been stepping up to support everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic for well over two years. Caring for their patients and clients in such challenging conditions not only affects the quality of healthcare they are able to provide to each individual but impacts their own personal health as well. While these challenges and issues are more prevalent since the start of COVID-19, these problems have been present long before then. It was many years before COVID-19 that LPNs, along with their other nurse colleagues, had been demanding help and support.”

Cathy Rogers, PhD, will be discussing the results of both reports on September 8th, 2022, at the Respectful Workplaces virtual panel, hosted by the Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour (PETL).

The report “What Licensed Practical Nurses Answered When Asked: ‘Please Help Us!’” is available as a digital download and can be found here. The report is also accessible by clicking the first banner on the home page of the NBNU website.


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