It is time to ACT.

New Brunswick’s registered nurses and nurse practitioners care, but without urgent assistance, we are quickly burning out these essential healthcare experts.

Please tell the New Brunswick government how essential it is for them to step up for registered nurses and nurse practitioners. Nurses are committed to their patients, clients, and residents.

In partnership with all health care workers, they are working round-the-clock, doing everything possible to keep New Brunswickers healthy and safe at a time when they are short-staffed, their working conditions are exceptionally challenging, and through a global pandemic. They are doing their best, but they cannot do this alone. Registered nurses and nurse practitioners need you with them to advocate to protect the integrity of our precious health care system and its dedicated workers.

It is time to ACT. Please help registered nurses and nurse practitioners convince the Higgs government to step up and deliver essential support, including safe working conditions for our RNs and NPs by signing the letter below and letting your leaders know – overtime and understaffing make for a precarious health care system… and lives.